Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time for a reality check?

The SA is having a run off election.  Of course. 
It's not the election that bothers me, in fact, I couldn't care less about the SA.  
But I'm starting to think that the GW community, and especially the students running in this election, need a bit of a reality check.  It's only student government. 
According to the Daily Colonial, the reason for the runoff election is that neither candidate obtained forty percent of the vote, and the bylaws for elections require that a winner receive at least forty percent. The candidates received 30.34 and 37.2 percent of the vote.  
The difference, 6.86 percent.  That means that the difference was about 300 votes.  (301.154 exactly).  Bear in mind that only about 4300 students voted in the election (out of about 11,000 undergrads).  
Really, it's only the student government.  Whoever lost the election should have lost the election, and whoever won should win.  Don't these kids have midterms or classes?

The candidates for SA President.  All I can say is get over it. Seriously. It's just student government.

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