Monday, March 3, 2008

GW prefers cable modems...

During midterm week everyone escapes their dorms to get some real studying accomplished...and wireless internet. So last week I packed up all my books including my computer, and made my way over to Gelman Library. It took me a half hour to find a room to myself and when I finally did, the internet server was down. I called up STS and they tried to talk me through everything step by step...didn't work. I asked people around me if the internet was working for them and they were experiencing the same issues I was. I called STS (Student Technology Services) again and spoke to the manager (who mind you, sounded like he was 20 years old). I was extremely disappointed with the way I was treated over the phone. After explaining to him how it is absolultely necessary he takes care of the internet situation in the library, all he told me to do was
"Please go tell everyone in the library who is having trouble with the internet to call STS and put their name down so we see it is a big enough issue to be taken care of."

At that point at just wanted to throw my laptop at the wall..Office Space style. The whole concept seemed ridiculous. It is mid term week..everyone needs internet at the convenience of wherever they are. This is so UNFAIR!

Next time, I am going to get my own wireless internet. Mac makes an airport. You just plug it in and you have wireless wherever you want! Perfect! No more STS or Gelman Library.

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Anonymous said...

There is no company called "Mac" it is Apple Inc. The Airport Express you refer to is not a magic device that creates the internet wherever you are. It is simply a very small wireless router that you plug into an internet connection and then share that connection from.

If you want internet everywhere I would direct you to Sprint or Verizon for an EVDO rev. A card or USB modem to attach to your laptop. It is $60 per month and gets you high speed internet in most populated areas on the US.