Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Hi UPD...there is a strange old man in our house...what is it you said? hang on your e-merging someone??"

For those of you who read BasilQHJ's diary, it would be hard to imagine that UPD could be any worse. Shockingly, they have out-done themselves!

I am a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma at GWU. Aside from being the best ;), it is ranked as the smartest group on campus. Two weeks ago, we had a situation. For privacy purposes, I have changed the name of the girls involved in this story. My friend Alex went downstairs in the basement of the Kappa house (on Townhouse Row) to check on some test files. She notices there was a strange man sitting on our couch. When she asked the man who he was and why he was there his response was shady to say the least. He said he had a migrain and really had to use the bathroom and he was leaving any minute. Alex told him to leave right away. When Alex went upstairs she asked the girls in the kitchen if they had seen the man leave. They told her they hadn't seen anyone leave. This meant the man was still in the house. They quickly called UPD. My friend Jenna said that when she called UPD they were extremely non-chalant and laid back. Scared out of her mind she hung up and called 911 (MPD). MPD was also shockingly laid back about the situation. No one came to search the house. One of the other girls in the house searched through the house later on and did not find him. They assumed he left. Six hours later, my two friends Sally and Suzie went to the basement to eat late night food (because they didn't want anyone else to eat it). About 20 minutes into their feast, they heard a strange noise from behind the couch. Sally went to look what was there and found the man, sleeping in between the couch and the wall. They screamed for about 20 minutes, and ran upstairs. They said that the man was looking for "Alex". FINALLY UPD came to search the house. The man had left and the house was totally safe again. It was reported that this man was later arrested at American University for the same thing, and the police were able to trace him back to us because the man had stolen a girl in my sorority's wallet.

Now, I don't know about you...but this makes me frightened. Seeing as I plan to live in that house next year, GWU better straighten out their safety situations. I find it truly disturbing how not even half way through they emerge 240 kids, yet they can't even show up to an emergency in a sorority house. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Oh, and in case the story wasn't bad enough, when UPD finally showed up at the house they yelled at the girls saying that we should have never called 911 because this wasn't a "real" emergency.


Anonymous said...

Since neither UPD or MPD took it seriously it sounds to me that you did not correctly describe the situation to the call taker. They are not mind readers, you need to make it clear to them that there is an emergency taking place.

Anonymous said...

Is that comment for real? I don't know how else you can possible describe a strange man in your sorority house...the school should automatically be concerned it is not OUR job to tell them it is an emergency (even though she did, infact state that it was) but thank you.

Anonymous said...

you said there was a "strange man," -- which could just as easily been a fraternity brother. Saying you have an unidentified member who's not part of the University would help.

In fact, the University had no idea because you never actually called them -- a symptom of poor signage, perhaps, but they're still not culpable -- who was the house manager? Certainly she should know to call UPD, not foolishly dialing 911.

James O'Malley said...

If I remember correctly, UPD also sent out an email to the entire student body after this incident saying that it was your fault for not calling soon enough...nice.

Molly said...

I'm seriously disturbed with you anonymous. WE CLEARLY NOTED THAT THIS WAS NOT A STUDENT AT GWU AS WE SAID HE IS AN OLDER MAN WITH A BEARD...AND, WOULD WE CALL IN THE FIRST PLACE IF IT WAS A FRATERNITY BROTHER? THINK BEFORE YOU POST PLEASE! And, since you clearly didn't catch on to my post we DID call UPD but they were non responsive. It was not "foolish" of us to call 911 as this was an emergency. The man is now arrested!