Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brooks – GW’s Sirius Black?

In a March 12th blog on the GW Hatchet website, the Hatchet revealed that they had an email from senior Chris Brooks to the members of the Order of the Hippo. The Order is a secret society here at GW and on March 10th, the Hatchet published an invitation from the Order to their new initiates. The uncovered email is posted:

“It’s no big deal. Everyone knows we exist and thinks they know everyone involved and exactly what we do. In fact, they know very little and that’s what makes this enjoyable from our end.”

Brooks appears to be nervous here. Is he worried that his mishap in sending the invitation to the work addresses has not upheld the integrity and nature of the society? His entire email is screaming “I messed up, don’t shun me.” The Brooks charm is in full swing here as he eloquently brushes off the Hatchet’s article as low on substance, blames the leak of the invitation on outsiders opening mail, and says that you can’t believe everything you read in the Hatchet. True but sometimes they’re on to something.

If you are curious about the Order of The Hippo, you should act. Skip the Hatchet – they’ll take their secrets to the grace. Track down Trachtenberg and find out what he knows. Better yet, find Chris Brooks and get the story: or We know what happens to Sirius Black at the end of Order of the Phoenix. This might be the “final curse” for Brooks, if you know what I mean.

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