Friday, March 21, 2008

Karl Rove Coming to GW- hopefully with less controversy

The Hatchet annouced last Thursday that Karl Rove would be coming to speak to GW's Young American Foundation at the end of March. YAF is very much looking forward to this event.
"We wanted to bring in someone big," President of YAF Sergio Gor said. "We figured he would be a great match for us."

This is the same group that brought Ann Coulter to speak earlier this winter. Hopefully this guest speaker will spark less controversy than the last. Unlike Ann Coulter, no one can deny that the things Rove will speak of will be both important and legitimate. He is one of the very few people that can help us understand the disaster that was George Bush's presidency, and how Bush got to the White House in the first place. Whether we agree with YAF, Rove, George Bush, or the Republican Party,this is one guest that should not cause GW to get blasted with criticism for having invited. We as a students need to support his invitation to campus, what he says will help us to understand what has happened to America over the past 7 years.

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