Monday, March 31, 2008


Some of you may have already heard (or all, I don't know), but for those who haven't this may be exciting. There is a new museum opening up in Washington, D.C. called Newseum. It is an interactive museum of news and journalism. The original Newseum was in Rosslyn, Virginia which apparently attracted "more than 2.2 million visitors in 5 years" says Wikipedia. It has moved across the Potomac to expand and be an even greater success.

There mission statement is:

"To help the public and the new media undestand one another better."

Their design team, when building the new museum, had three goals:

1.To design a building that would be an architectural icon, easily recognized and remembered by visitors from around the world. 2.To create a museum space three times as large as the original, with the capacity for more than two million visitors a year. and 3.To celebrate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution — in particular, its freedom of the press and free speech protections.

The Newseum allows its visitors to do many hands-on activities such as being able to play the role of a reporter has newsbreaks, explore the terrors of 9/11 through the news, and see award-winning Images and Photographers who took them. For advanced ticketing, click here.

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