Saturday, April 17, 2010

ABP Overcharged GWorld... Surprised?

This week, The Hatchet reported that the Au Bon Pain in the Shops at 2000 Penn overcharged students by more than $7,000 dollars on their GWorld cards.

The story said that the overcharges occured between January 2 and March 15, and that GW University officials believe it was unintentional.

According to the article,
Ed Frechette, senior vice president of marketing for Au Bon Pain, said earlier this month that the overcharging was the result of an interface issue with BbOne, the system provider for GWorld cards.

"The problem was that GWorld card swipes resulted in erroneous 'transmission failed' notices," Frechette said. Cashiers at the franchise swiped the cards a second time after seeing this notice, only to later find "the first swipe did, in fact, go through, thus the duplicative charges," he said.
Do students really take the responsibility of looking at the totals being charged to their cards? Or do they just swipe and go? We must learn financial responsibility. Kudos to those students who filed reports with the university police about the overcharging.

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