Friday, April 9, 2010

Students Want To Improve 4-Ride

There has been a groundswell of support among GW students for improving 4-Ride. Whether it’s about not having enough cars, or not servicing a sufficiently expansive area around campus, or not having enough operators, students agree that our escort service is currently inadequate.

After less than a month of soliciting signatures from the student body, 57 students have already signed the petition asking the school administration to re-examine the way 4-Ride operates. Below are some testimonials from students who have expressed disappointment (in some cases, that’s a huge understatement) with 4-Ride. Names have been removed until the petition is ready to be brought to President Knapp.

“4-Ride needs to be expanded because there are not enough vehicles to adequately serve the GW student body. Last semester, I was going somewhere with a large group of friends, and not only did we have to wait half an hour for our escort, but once it arrived there were not enough seats for all of us despite the fact that we had told them how many of us there were.”
“I once waited an HOUR for 4Ride to pick me up from the hospital in the snow on crutches with a newly broken ankle - not including the 45 minutes I was on hold waiting for someone to pick up the phone!! 4Ride constantly frustrates me. It is such an unreliable service. Either do it right (ie. more cars & operators) or don't claim to be such a useful, efficient and effective service. 4Ride’s lack of operation is unsafe to say the least.”
“Living off campus and on the edge of the 4-ride route, I use the 4-ride service fairly often. Especially on late nights when I am coming from the library, it is ridiculous that I can spend up to 45 minutes (depending on the night) on the phone waiting. Half the time I just end up walking because I get frustrated with the inefficiency. The premise of the service is great, but is unworkable in its current state. Perhaps increasing staff solely on weekends would be the most economical approach but some sort of expansion is definitely necessary.”
“I don't even bother with 4-ride anymore because if I were ever in a dangerous situation by the time they came I would probably be dead. I would rather waste my money on a taxi and feel safe or not go somewhere at all than even try with 4-ride-- and that's kind of pathetic considering the way we brag about it on tours to prospective students.”
“Rude/Creepy/Pervy drivers, waited 33 minutes on hold JUST to speak to the dispatcher, 4 ride is slow and takes their time. NEED MORE PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE PHONES!!”
“Just this weekend I was waiting at the corner with some friends of mine to be picked up near The Melting Pot. It wasn't even that late at night maybe around 10 o'clock and 4-Ride took a good 40 minutes to come pick us up. During those last 25 minutes we were harassed by a drunken old man that wanted to pay us to be his bitches and hookers. We ignored him and walked away but he proceeded to cross the street and harass us. It was only then that 4-Ride came and rescued us. If only it came earlier, this problem might not have occurred.”
4-Ride needs to be improved. It is a matter of safety, security, and convenience for GW students of all kinds. 4-ride has the potential to be an excellent service, but in its current state it lacks the efficiency and expansiveness it needs to adequately serve the GW population.

Would you like to support our efforts to improve 4-Ride? Sign the petition and join the Facebook group. Don’t forget to invite all your friends!

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