Sunday, April 18, 2010

Buzzing 4 Change

My fraternity brother and I spent some of our Sunday afternoon in Kogan Plaza at for a student organization called Buzzing 4 Change. Buzzing 4 Change is a student run organization that runs events in which students cut their hair and donate money to Locks of Love for cancer research. This Sunday, over 40 students got their heads buzzed including 2 women. Students filtered through all dsy donating money, getting heads buzzed, listening to a DJ and enjoying free food. So many students were volunteering their heads to raise money for cancer research that, lets just say there was quite a bit of hair whipping around on this windy Sunday.

Since 2003, Buzzing 4 Change has raised over $85,000 for children fighting cancer, and that is before this years total was calculated. This is a great organization, with some very dedicated volunteers working towards an amazing cause. I highly suggest donating and supporting this great event next time around.

The event was co-sponsored by a variety of on campus student organizations and establishments including SA, Hillel, JSA, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Tonic Restaurant.

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