Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Forget Your Senior Class Gift!

With graduation just around the corner, most seniors are ready to move on and leave GW behind them. However, it's important to remember the great experiences and opportunities that were available to us students during our time here. Those experiences were all possible because students and alumni before us saw the value in giving back to GW and wanted to continue that for years to come. As all of you seniors make the transition to alumni, remember that it's your turn to give back. That all starts with giving your Senior Class Gift.

This year the senior class overwhelming voted to designate their gift to the Gelman Library Renovation Fund. The two members of the Luther Rice Society match each gift made by students, and that match is donated to the Renovation Fund.

Students have the option to give to any part of the University they would like (their school, student org, fraternity or sorority, etc.). After spending four years at GW, there is something that kept students here and something that made your time at GW worthwhile. That something may be different for everyone, but it was made possible because of students and alumni that gave back. Let's make this year's campaign the most successful yet! To find out more information, check out the 2010 Senior Class Gift Campaign's Web site.

*You can also make your gift at Senior Night at Third Edition on Wednesday night, April 28th.


Anonymous said...

How much did GW pay you to write this propaganda?

Senioritis said...

I heard I can join the Luther Rice Society for a cheaper rate. True? False?