Sunday, April 18, 2010

For the First Time, The GW Patriot Speaks the Truth

While browsing through the various news sites and blogs about the GW and DC community, I came across an article on The GW Patriot. The main point the author, Dan Keylin, is trying to make is the ridiculousness of the activism campaigns. I know that no good will come of criticizing the very assignment in which I participated, but I feel I must also speak the truth. And I know I am not alone in my thoughts. As well, I am expressing my agreement with the Patriot's article, which bashes the very site I'm writing this for.

The second paragraph of the article pretty much sums up every thought I've had while running my activism campaign.
He makes his students create ridiculous activist-oriented facebook groups begging GW students to join so they can get an 'A' in the class. Some of the groups created include: "Free Bikes for GW Students," "Help us Get GWireless in City Hall," and "Let Me Swim." If "Professor" Green's intention to make students do humiliating assignments and annoy 99% of GW, he's succeeded. How is making facebook groups and begging students to sign a petition dependent on someone receiving an 'A' at a school like GW? That sounds pretty junior college to me, and I'm sure it's pretty demeaning to the dignity of the students in the class, who I'm sure are capable of much more useful and legitimate academic activities.
While there are facts wrong in the piece, such as saying that Adam Green works for, I have no problem with the opinions expressed.

I know most of my fellow students in the Internet and Politics class are still actively engaged in their campaigns. I am not. I ended mine last week, as nothing will ever come of changing dining through student activism. We do not have a large number of emails from which we can reach out and convince students to take part in a movement. We cannot test emails to see which work, and certainly not to see which raise the most money. I'd be willing to bet that the PCCC has failed in more than a few of its campaigns. When that happened, they just moved on to the next one. We don't have that kind of luxury. One or two unlucky breaks, and the best we can do in the class is 'average.' Even if we did gather support, forming a large student base doesn't matter at GW. Does anyone think that a couple thousand students voicing their desire for change will pressure an administrator to do anything? This university is so restricted by red tape that the bureaucratic problems of the federal government pale in comparison.

I guarantee that not a single one of the current activism campaigns will reach its ultimate goal.

Change at GW is a pipe dream.


Sean Rourke said...

Wow. Wednesday's class will be fun.

Will Frey said...

This was definitely not first time The Patriot has spoken the truth.

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I wouldn't take my cues from Dan Keylin. He isn't exactly known for having tact. He'll fit right in at the Patriot.