Sunday, April 18, 2010

Listen To Us GWorld Office!

Recently a friend of mine was complaining about the lack of fresh food options near or on GW campus. He said, "Everywhere you turn there is fast food." As a graduating senior, I hardly use GWorld anymore, but I would still like to try and make an impact concerning food options offered at GW. Students are tired of the "same, old thing" and an excellent addition to the breakfast and lunch options offered on GWorld is K Street Bagel, located at 2000 K Street, right next to the K Street classrooms. Their bagels and meats are always hot and fresh, and for a reasonable price.

While the GWorld office does not care what students want, it is time for us to let them know what we WANT to eat, not what they decide we should have. Although it is quite a process to get a restaurant or grocery store on GWorld because it is the decision of the owner and the school, we should try to get the GWorld office to consider reaching out K Street Bagel. K Street Bagel has a plethora of students who get lunch or breakfast weekly, and their business could expand by allowing those with food funds limited to GWorld to actually pay with their GWorld.

I wish to reach out to students and find out what they want, and then bring it to the GWorld office. Show the GWorld office that YOU want them to consider bringing K Street Bagel to GWorld! Look out for a petition coming soon!

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