Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breaking News: I Want To Know Campaign Takes Off!

The "I Want To Know" campaign launched on Facebook today. Every year GW schools host a variety of renowned speakers. However, many students do not get to take advantage of listening to these speakers because schools only announce to their respective list-servs. The schools should expand their announcements beyond their school and create another announcement service students from other schools can choose to sign up for in order to learn when a prominent speaker will be at GW.

This sign-up list will be optional and schools would let students know about it at the beginning of each semester. This way students will not have to worry about "useless school e-mails." The schools won't change their announcement tactics unless you, the students, help take action and tell the schools that THEY WANT TO KNOW! If you share your disappointment about missing a great speaker, change can happen. Stay updated with GWBlogSpot for more I Want To Know announcements and join the Facebook group today!

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