Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Politics Online Conference

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2010 Politics Online Conference being put together by the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management and Politics Magazine.

As a GW student I couldn't really afford a ticket or really make the sessions I wanted because of class requirements but that is why I am highly recommending others to check this out. This is a gathering of some of the best online organizers and digital political strategists in DC and the country. Both top people from the left and right will be there. Representatives from consulting firms, PR firms, social media sites, and non profits will be there to speak about organizing and utilizing the internet. From places like Blue State Digital, Engage DC, Eidelman PR, Facebook, Sunlight Foundation, Google, Microsoft, DCCC, and many many more. This is an amazing gathering of a variety of people who deal with different aspects of politics online.

The future of technology and politics.

My Most Recommended Sessions: (Based on people I know, have seen speak before, or topics that will be the most relevant in upcoming elections:
Keynote: Secrets of Key People: (John King Moderator and David Almacy, Bush's Internet director will have some good insights on its past and the future)

Breakout Session #1 Did You Really Just Poke Me? How Can Social Media Help Get the Message Out, Attract New People, Increase Fundraising and Build the Base? Key People: (Peter Corbett of iStrategyLabs will be speaking. He and Frank Gruber are organizing Digital Capital Week in June with use generated sessions on PR, politics, and the Internet)

Cloud Computing?
How Cloud Computing Can Lower Your Costs (and Increase Your Risks) (This features speakers from Google and Microsoft. While it may be too tech heavy for some, cloud computing is here and is the future of online organizing)

10 Things Everyone Needs to Have on Their Website (and Where Everything Should Go) (Features 2 speakers from Blue State Digital. Also, too many times I see Democrats and progressive organizations making mistakes on web design and features) New Media is Valueless! Return On Investment and Working with Analytics Data (Convincing the unconvinced)

Special Keynote Conversation: Architecture of a Successful Political Message (Pere Snyder of the Republican focused digital PR firm New Media Strategies is an innovator in using digital strategies for public affairs)

I wish I could go to every single panel not just these but apparently at GW class attendance is required to pass and graduate. Anyone who can take time off tomorrow or Tuesday in the DC area should definitely be here. Cross Posted at DailyKos

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