Thursday, April 22, 2010

[Breaking news] SMPA website, hacked last night?

About half an hour ago, a classmate showed me what she came up with when she typed SMPA in Google last night.
Does this mean that the site was somehow hacked?

Check this other shot:

The first one was taken with a Mac. The second one from a PC. Apparently, Mac users are the only ones getting the add about viagra with this search.

Hmm... But aren't Macs supposed to be safer?


Anonymous said...

You mac was compromised, not the website.

Leire said...

Well, kind of... I do believe Macs are safer, yes. But I was surprised to see this didn't happened in PCs. Do you guys know why? I'm curious.

Samara Sit said...

Hi - SMPA Communications Director here. We are aware of the issue and have been working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Nothing on the SMPA website was compromised except the text that Google displays. The issue has occured on many other university websites lately as well.

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