Saturday, April 3, 2010

GW Students, Act Like Adults

GWBlogpsot usually consists of things that are wrong with GW, ranging from a list of speakers not bring published, to the lack of a comprehensive 4-RIDE service, basically a list of things that GW fails at. I do not see the problem resting with GW, the problem is with GW students. Our student population seems to have a problem with being a little industrious and doing something for themselves. One recent post complains that students have trouble finding out when speakers are, but a little work on the part of an individual student would direct them to the calendar of university events from MyGW which lists speakers coming to campus, and where they will be. Students can set custom alerts at GW News/Events where they can get information from any or all
of the 1000+ departments and offices on campus, you can also just visit the department websites if you think there might be something and it is important to you. There is no excuse for saying you missed a speaker, or an event when things are easy to find.

When it comes to 4-RIDE I have used it exactly 3 times in 4 years and I think that is too much. Once you leave GW life, there will not be a shuttle service to take you wherever you want. DC has a metro including buses and rail, there is the circulator, and many cabs; I have never found a problem using one or a combination of these methods of transportation to get where I need to go (don’t forget that you can also walk).

There are some things that the GW administration can do and that students cannot solve (easily or readily) solve on their own, issues like advising, academic affairs, housing, and this is where bloggers and students should spend their time and energy, not on fixating on problems that a student can solve on their own with a little bit of personal initiative, and not university handholding. Stop acting like children, it makes you look petty.


Alex Laska said...

So you're saying that because we won't always be able to use 4-Ride, we shouldn't take advantage of it while we can? Why don't you pay your own way through college because someday your parents will be dead and unable to pay for things for you?

Anonymous said...

I'm unclear where the 4Ride paragraph comes into play.. what post were you referring to? And why don't you try referencing some initiatves you've begun or enacted during your time here at the university to make differences. Instead of writing about it, lead by example.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason you used 4-RIDE only a few times was because of the problems that you peers are trying to fix. And, to be honest, issues like advising, academic affairs, and housing are just as easy to fix as transforming a broken system.