Sunday, April 4, 2010

Word To The Wise - Invasion of D.C Pt.2

I know this seems redundant, however, I feel that wright 10's blog in reference to the tourist takeover is something to be talked about!

Although I'm not a tourist, I am new to the area and I can relate to the complete madness of tourists versus locals. Steer clear of runners-they are on a mission, I realized this the hard way after being trampled down on Constitution Ave on Friday.

Also, what beautiful weather right? What a great day to get out, and go get that sun tan on the Tidal Basin, right? Wrong. Although the Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most celebrated and beautiful times of Spring in D.C., being able to enjoy your own city deems impossible. After fighting my way through crowds and almost being shoved into the Tidal Basin by hungry picture taking tourists and screaming children hanging from the trees I made my way closer to the Paddle Boats dock. What I had assumed were just clusters of people hanging around and over the bars blocking you from the water, was actually a line of over 100 people waiting to get on a paddle boat. Don't bother reserving one online, they are sold out through April 10th.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy some good sunshine, green grass, and fun music hanging out by the Lincoln Memorial is ideal! Just try to stay stationary and you will survive.

Word to the wise, be cautious of children and strollers, watch out for runners and swarms of school groups, don't bother going near the Tidal Basin paddle boats, and watch out for frustrated drivers and busses especially when masses of people are trying to cross the street at once.

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