Saturday, April 10, 2010

Green GW's Vehicles

Upon President Knapp's arrival at GW, he has pledged to improve and promote sustainable living at our school. In almost three years of his leadership, GW has seen vast improvements.

But we need to do more to to reduce GW's carbon footprint.

We need to convert all University-owned diesel-run vehicles to used-canola oil from our own Sodexho kitchens.

Join the facebook group:

By supporting the movement, we are telling President Knapp that GW students care about our planet, and we will ensure that he upholds his promise of Greening GW.

Recently, Roger Williams University has converted their student shuttle to used-canola oil. The school saved $6,600 in its first year.

We will also be saving GW money--which means there will be more money that can be allocating towards other, important, improvements--fixing Gelman and making 4-Ride more efficient, etc.

Join the facebook group, and sign the petition. Forward this email to your friends, and invite them on the facebook group (click "suggest to friends," hit filter on the left, and click all GWU friends).

Have your voice heard, and help improve GW.

Click below to watch a video depicting a farm to engine view of Roger William's bio-diesel campus shuttle.

Canola Shuttle from michael scully on Vimeo.

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