Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Like Free Stuff? How About Free Coffee During Finals?

There are a lot of long term, challenging activism proposals floating around out there. Just two days ago, we set out to make a simple and practical change for students during finals: free coffee. This year the Student Association was able to extend study hours in certain locations on campus, but let's take that one step further. The University should provide students with this necessary component during our stressful exam preparation.

Let the GW administration know what YOU think. Sign our petition to Executive SA President Julie Bindelglass and University Librarian Jack A. Siggins.

In a few days our fan page has soared past 50 members and well on our way to 100 members, help us get there! Become a fan today!


Anonymous said...

Eckles Library: April 29th - May 7th
FREE coffee!

Also free coffee in the Fishbowl 4.29 and 5.6 from 6pm-10pm.

Anonymous said...

Go to Eckles.

hoya saxa said...

this group is the reason gw sucks