Friday, February 8, 2008

Administration Makes the Smartest Decision Since Purchasing That Laser Show For Trachtenburg

Despite what you may hear from groups on the facebook and their tales of partying harder than you pregrame Mabel Thurston Hall is, in fact, a hell hole. A scourge of the GW community. Frankly, I'm blaming it for the tuition, the quality of the food at J Street, the smoking ban, AND the fact that the District doesn't have voting rights.

The decision to showcase that dorm on freshman tours has consistently baffled me. I mean, yes, upper class parents may be impressed by how hard the boys of 722 party but its not really a ringing endorsement for the university. According to the Hatchet tour guides feel the same

"There are a lot of problems with showing Thurston, especially on Saturday mornings," Pearl said. "I would walk by a room and there would be beer and wine bottles all over the place, or there would be people passed out in the hallway."

While some tour guests reacted to this sight with laughter, others would be, according to Pearl, "flabbergasted" or "shell-shocked."

In a a perfectly Washington D.C. move the administration has figured out a way to fix this issue. Show Potomac. The sophomore dorm.

"We couldn't be confident showing Thurston," Toner said. "Showing Potomac will protect the integrity of the University."

When you can't fix it. Hide it. Well done.

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