Friday, February 15, 2008

Wait, I didn't know this wasn't high school!?

I guess some people never grow up! As reported in the Hatchet on Thursday,

a senior working on the campaign of an SA Presidential candidate had some fun at an opponents expense.

" Freddie de Sibert, a senior, registered the online domain Feb. 7 and had it redirect to the Wikipedia entry for "race card." Al-Hariri said he was unaware of de Sibert's actions until The Hatchet informed him Wednesday afternoon. De Sibert is an authorized representative for Al-Hariri's campaign, according to the Joint Elections Committee. He also created Al-Hariri's Web site."

This kind of behavior from a senior does not represnt the University well, and undermines the importance of the SA elections. Unlike how it was for a lot of us in high school, I have a feeling that student government at GW does make a substantive impact on unversity life. Messing around on the internet to try to take down someone running for student office is justdumb (there is really no other word for it), especially when you work for the opponents campaign. Did this student not learn anything in the past 4 years he has spent here? Stories like this tend to make the rounds in the media and ultimatly this makes it appear as though GW is pushing a bunch of children out into the real world upon graduation. I don' t want these types of stories associated with a school I am proud to attend. So, in short, grow up! This isn't high (middle, elementary, pre-) school!
EDIT: I believe that Zach's

post references this same topic. Check it out!

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