Friday, February 15, 2008

And so it begins...

With February comes Valentine's Day, those first few midterms and papers...

...and Student Association elections.

Every year (granted, I've only been here for three), there seems to be more hype, more drama, more overall craziness than the year before. This year is no exception.

Already, The Hatchet is reporting on an accusation of dirty tricks from one presidential candidate's campaign, an announcement to drop out from another after failing to gather enough signatures to be on the ballot - followed by a retraction, not to mention quotes and comments such as the ones below:

"I’m not sure if anyone can support [SA Presidential candidate] Tarek
[Al-Harari] after this news of his campaign advisor playing dirty politics
against [Sa Sen. and Presidential candidate] OG [Oyiborhoro]." - posted by
Patrick in response to "Oyiborhoro excluded from race for SA president, running write-in campaign," Feb. 13, 2008, The Hatchet's Newsroom Blog

"'People said no,' Oyiborhoro told me. 'The old establishment said no. They
tried to subvert the democratic process at GW. People are tired of the old
establishment and that’s why I’m running. I’m going to win this write-in
campaign.'" - “Oyiborhoro will now run," Feb. 14, 2008, The Hatchet's
Newsroom Blog

"The JEC has until thursday at noon to decide who will be on the ballot. I
agree that each candidate must follow the correct procedures in order to be
place on the ballot. That said the JEC has yet to make their final decision so
don’t count anyone out yet." - posted by In All Fairness in response to "Candidates submit petitions for seats in SA, PB and MCGB," Feb. 11, 2008, The Hatchet's Newsroom Blog

Still to come are the websites, the 7 a.m. postering mad dash, speeches, campaign promises, t-shirts, buttons and other giveaways on H Street. And it’s still two weeks until the actual election, and four weeks until the presidential run0ff.

I am the only one who thinks this is blown out of proportion and is overall ridiculous?

UPDATE: I thought I should add this comment to this post - by far my favorite of the ones I read:
"Seriously, you people are pathetic. The SA is useless and the egos
involved here are incredible. It’s like you all live in a fantasy land. Dirty
politics? Campaign advisers? Give me a break." - posted by Entralled in response
to "Oyiborhoro excluded from race for SA president, running write-in
," Feb. 13, 2008, The Hatchet's Newsroom Blog

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