Monday, February 18, 2008

What happens in MPA 308... [updated]

... gets seen by thousands of people, apparently.

Thanks to some well positioned blog posts, over 3,300 people have viewed Justine Lam and Johnathan Bydlak make fun of Obama's "grassroots" fund raising organization for being too top-down. Check out the clip here.

The video popped up in a Daily Kos diary yesterday, and has received 50 comments so far. The poll question, "Is Obama's online operation too top-down?" has received over 180 votes, mostly "nope's".

I caught the diary last night as I was browsing Daily Kos, but was more surprised to see the video embedded in a post on Ben Smith's Politico blog, which I read habitually.

Reaction to the video in the comment sections were mostly hostile toward our kind guests, pointing to Obama's slight delegate lead over Dr. Paul.

Thanks, EmergingMajority, for making the people sitting at the front of the classroom famous on youtube, and for plugging GW Blogspot in the process.

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