Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Job GW (Really)!

So this week I had a dilemma: I attended a GW event…and liked it!

Now I know blog sites, especially this one, have often served as launching points for blast campaigns against various campus travesties, but please bear with me as I venture into uncharted territory and commend GW for a moment.

ABC News' chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos spoke at an SMPA event earlier this week and I was impressed with how skillfully Professor and former CNN Washington bureau chief Frank Sesno conducted the interview... and the 20 minute on-stage delay until Stephanopolous showed up.

One of the reasons I, and most of you, chose GW was to experience all that is unique to DC- from politics, to media, to culture; opportunity surrounds us in a way that few other college students can relate to, and I realized the truth to that yet again after this event.

While it's true that the SMPA building probably houses more TV's than Circuit City, I think the building's fancy high-tech set-up, including a huge drop-down projector screen and intricate stage lighting, really added to the quality of the event. Can't wait for the next one!

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