Friday, February 29, 2008

Hillary on campus!

I hope that by now, everyone knows that Hillary Clinton spoke at Lisner auditorium on Monday.  It was great, and she was pretty amazing.  Every time I hear her speak, I know she would be exactly the kind of president that can fix all the problems that Bush has created for us in his two terms. She even looks presidential.

But this blog is about GW, not the presidential campaign. And one thing I learned about GW at the Hillary event is that there is a reason GW kids get the rap they get.  The Hillary event was one of the most unorganized events I've ever been too, and the GW students standing behind could not have been more spoiled/annoying/insulting if they had tried. (Maybe they were trying.  All I know is that just hearing their conversation made me lose IQ points). 

First, the disorganization.  Yes, I understand that a lot goes into having a presidential candidate speak on campus.  Yes, secret service has to check everyone's bag.  Yes, people will line up early to get the best seats.  But this event was bad.  There were two lines, but only one line was filling up.  Until the students organizing the line told everyone in the back to cut in front at the other line (I was annoyed, but I knew I was getting in, so I didn't really care; the GW guys behind me though were pissed and made sure everyone knew it). In addition to the lines, there was a guy in front of me who did not print out his ticket.  He spoke to FOUR different students and no one could tell him if he was on the list.  The most they could say was "Check with the girl inside the lobby".  When he did, he lost his spot in line.  I felt bad for him.  But I was more annoyed by the GW student leaders. 

Not only was the event poorly planned, but it was the first time I really spent some time with GW Students.  The guys behind me lived up to every stereotype I've heard about the GW student body.  They were spoiled: "Oh I wanted to go so my mom and dad just bought me the expensive tickets".  They were annoying: "Oh my blackberry is ringing again.  Maybe Suzy will bring me a hot dog. God Why do we have to stand here.  I don't even like Hillary Clinton."  But most of all, after standing in front of the them for an hour, I literally felt dumber than I had before I got in line.  My friend agreed. We both realized that yes, it seems like GW students are living off their parents' money and they aren't as smart as outsiders think.  Clearly, GW is only as big as school as it is because of name recognition.  

I do realize that this was one (very complicated) event and one group of students, but overall it left me realizing why GW has the stereotypes it does, and realizing that there are students who live up to this stereotype. 

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