Thursday, February 28, 2008

All We Do Is Complain

I was reading the Hatchet and once again there was a complaint about GW being so expensive! No surprise there, but this article was about how when students go abroad they still have to pay GW prices.

Am I the only one that just wants to look at students and say...OBVIOUSLY!! When a student goes abroad they are not only paying for the tuition of the university they are at but they are also paying for all the people who processed their applications, all the extra events they are granted, and of course GW wants to be paid for the fact that they are going to approve what you did abroad and their name is worth

When I look around GW's campus I think okay I am paying a crapload of money and sometimes the dorms are not so spiffy, but at least they do not look like prison cells like at other schools, and yes sometimes package services is dumb as Molly pointed out, but sometimes I just want to stop the complaining and tell someone to look around. We are in a city full of culture and amazing oppurtunities of internships and professors that have ACTUALLY worked and done what WE want to do.

I understand people like to complain, but someone else HAS to agree...sometimes it just needs to stop. Especially when A LOT of students do not even help to pay for college. My mom is a teacher and my dad fixes air conditionings and I pay a pretty penny out of my own pocket for this school, yet I still appreciate where I am!

Just stop and take a look...our location is amazing!

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Anonymous said...

this is a refreshing thing to hear. blogs should be a soundboard for opinions, but honestly the only things people seem to think of are negative. i applaud shanna for pointing out that we complain too much. sometimes gw students feel entitled because of that $50000 price tag to moan and groan about everything that doesn't go our way. sure we should expect to see results for the money we pay but its time to get over the fact that ihousing isn't accessible for macs and get on to important things like obtaining a college degree. gw does have some flaws, but all of you chose this school for a reason. sometimes i think everyone needs that reminder. this university offers us opportunities for internships and excellent professors in the heart of one of the best cities in the world and we should recognize and appreciate it.