Thursday, February 21, 2008

CNN Profiles GWU Political Bloggers

Politics... the internet... blogs... GWU... perfect storm for a CNN story? (and SMPA 194 blog post...)

CNN International did this great segment on "digital democracy," basically how the internet is being used in the Presidential race, and included several GW students.

The story showed the hundreds of GW students who gathered on Super Tuesday to watch results come in and cheer on their candidates. Several in attendance were 'live blogging' on their personal sites.

It is this type of atmosphere/event that proves GW really is one of the nation's most politically involved campuses. Not that that don't have enough to worry about, but it'd be great if the GW pubic relations and/or admissions office would get videos and stories like this more dissemination. The video I posted above has seven (yes, 7) views right now. Not every campus gets profiled by CNN regrading it's students political blogs...

Perhaps the GWU admissions page could have a section about GWU students in the news that's updated regularly. The site is very static and looks more or less the same as when I applied... and I'm graduating in three months. Let's sell what we've got.

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