Friday, February 15, 2008

WE'RE (going to be?) RICH...ER!

You know that building where people play basketball? The one you haven't been to since 2006? Well guess what, now when you walk by it on your way to Pita Pit you can appreciate the new glass panneling!

According to the Hatchet

The Charles E. Smith Family, Robert H. Smith Family and Robert and Arlene Kogod donated $10 million to completely renovate Smith Center, the 32-year-old building which is the nucleus for the University's 22-team athletic program... everything from the basketball floor to locker rooms and training facilities [will be renovated]

Even as a person who does not actively attend basketball games I really appreciate this. 1. Smith family and Kogods? KILLING IT. 2. We get major donation now apparently. According to the basketball coach (oh my god I almost just wrote the ball is in Knapp's court... how unfortunate would that have been?) we have President Knapp to thank.

"Obviously he's a great president and he's putting his statement on the University," Hobbs said in a telephone interview. "He's setting the foundation to create a legacy for the school."

and if you cant trust a fiscal and administrative mastermind like Hobbs who can you trust?

The story insinuates that President Knapp actively worked to secure the major donation which is apparently the largest in school history. While I have no use for the Smith Center this is really exciting that we are actually starting to get money from people who are not students and it is a great start for the new president.

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