Friday, February 29, 2008

Chicken Soup for the College Kid's Cabinet -- and a fight against J Street

A 2006 study found that 83 percent of women diet while in college. I don't diet so much as I get too lazy to buy groceries, scavenge around my apartment (apples and peanut butter are amazing), and finally venture out into the real world for food. But I see the point -- no one in college really eats well. Freshman year, I actually lost weight, just because it was so hard to find food that was reasonably-priced, healthy, and available when I was hungry. (Good luck funding anything to eat on campus on a Sunday night.)

In fact, just now, in looking for J Street's weekend dining hours, I found Fight J Street, a semi-defunct blog aimed at taking down everyone's favorite food-related target. (Hey, where do you think we got the rotten tomatoes from?) It's no secret that many people are unhappy with dining options on campus -- and there's a way to fight back.

My inbox informs me that GW's annual dining survey is open from now until March 5th -- it's available online here. Tell them what you think -- is on-campus dining a treat or a travesty?

Speaking of travesties, I was in luck when I went shopping this week. Safeway had tons of things on sale -- I now have more soup than I know what to do with. Additionally, the clearance meat aisle -- it's cheap because it expires that day -- had lamb for $4.50. I love lamb, but had never cooked it, so I checked my recipe book and found one that called for chicken broth. Now, my cabinets are full of all kinds of things, but chicken broth is one thing I don't keep around. So I found another recipe for the lamb, which was still delicious and amazing in its lambiness. (Apologies to any vegetarians reading this, but I really love lamb.)

I mentioned my shopping expedition to a few friends, here at school and elsewhere. Most of them were shocked by my revelation that I don't have chicken broth in the house -- they all had either broth or bullion cubes. I felt like an incompetent housewife in the 50's. Bullion, it seems, is one of those things self-actualized people keep in the house, like milk or bread.

Readers, am I the one college student in the universe who doesn't keep broth or bullion cubes on hand? Post your thoughts -- and recipes -- here.

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