Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-Day at GW, What happens?

“Happy Single-Awareness Day” said my friend, whose fall study abroad experience tore apart his relationship with his girlfriend of 7 months. I, never having been in a relationship during V-day, didn’t feel the same pangs of bitterness due to Valentine’s Day today.

My first class was cancelled and I ate chocolate for breakfast. I happily walked to work with my red scarf and pink, well everything (gloves, sweater, and lips). I handed out V-day cards to all of my fellow employees and gave my boss the classic teacher card that came with the pack! I put an assortment of candy out in the mail room for everyone and I willingly supported one of the dance clubs on campus by buying cookies at its bake sale.

According to CNN, 65% of Boston University College Students think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and way too commercialized.

Last year at GW on Valentine’s Day, there was a same sex marriage rally in front of the Marvin Center.

This year, GW President Knapp simply doesn’t have the time to celebrate the holiday like he would like to.

The 2006 chart illustrates the percentage of blog posts about chocolate, jewelry, flowers, and dinner from January 12 to February 8. From January 30 on, it looks like Valentine’s Day gifts were on the minds of bloggers.

Other than the bake sale today, I didn’t see very many activities going on. Maybe the students should start some kind of GW V-day traditions. Maybe blogging about the holiday online is the next generation’s way of celebrating it.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say there's any lack of Valentine's celebration on campus. I saw multitudes of people toting flowers and candy, or headed out to dinner all dressed up. Valentine's Day is known as a commercialized holiday but I think it's what each person wants to make it. For some it's a day to show all kinds of love, not just romantic, for others it's a day to spend with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and for yet others it is a day to eat lots of chocolate and hang out with your fellow single friends. Perhaps the best Valentine's Day tradition is that it can be celebrated any way you'd like with whomever you'd like.