Friday, February 1, 2008

Cost Over-counted

While the Hatchet’s article Number of Early Applicants Down was about a shift in admissions, of course GW’s sticker tag price proved a prevailing theme of the article.

I agree with the intended premise here; early admissions policies favor students with whom cost is not a deciding factor.

On the other hand, as both an early decision applicant and an academic scholarship recipient myself, I think this article paints GW in an unnecessarily harsh light.

I know it’s more popular to go against the system, but sometimes the system isn’t that bad— in this case, the university.

While GW is the most expensive school in the country, it wasn’t the most expensive school for me by a long shot after factoring in my financial aid package. In fact, about 80% of students are receiving some sort of financial help according to the financial aid office.

Students cite GW’s sticker price, a number largely not representative of what students actually pay, to fuel virtually every argument or complaint against the school and I was disappointed to see in this article, yet again, a case where no one could look beyond GW's price to find an explanation for a problem.

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