Friday, February 8, 2008

College Students Love Sales

As also covered by NJGuy85

I guess the old adage "If you do not succeed, try, try again" came to mind when I read Fee increase approved for first time in 16 years as featured in this week's Hatchet.

While a less resilient administration might have dropped the SA fee increase referendum after students turned it down in a campus-wide vote, GW proved undaunted by public opinion and re-opened the polls just a few months later to try again.

At first I was frustrated to see the fee increase approved since I had voted against it twice this year and had even joined student movements (Facebook groups) against it.

Then I came to appreciate that GW’s effort demonstrated particular innovation and doggedness; in fact, I can't even remember the last time we held a vote on campus for something that was voted down just a few months prior.

And not only did this maneuver show persistence, but great marketing skills too! When students passed up the first fee increase proposal, GW slashed its prices; SA budget, ½ off!!

I’ll admit that I was jealous at first, you know, since only incoming classes will get to enjoy the sale (aren’t current students silly for not snagging this deal for ourselves?). Though, fortunately, my envy soon subsided when I remembered how matching programs work: GW will match the new SA fees incoming students will pay at a dollar-to-dollar ratio (or 50 cent-to-50 cent ratio in this case).

And, since we’ve been lining GW’s pockets for awhile, when GW pays, we pay; so it looks like current students will enjoy the sale after all!

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