Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hatchet and Basketball

Recently I have noticed that the Hatchet almost always has basketball on the front page. I understand that it is one of our most popular sports and kind of a staple to GW but is it necessary to have so much time devoted to it. I have also noticed that the Hatchet has gone from kind of a stiff paper to a little bit sensationalised, which my adviser also brought up the other day when we were talking.

I also think it is really interesting that the sports editor is now the chief editor of the paper and that could be why basketball is brought up so much.

Sometimes I just wish the Hatchet would have stories that are more serious than the ones they have been doing, such as in the January 28th issue they have a whole section on spring break and what to wear and how to get a nice body for the season...thats real hard journalism at work I must say.


Anonymous said...

It is a college paper it is not supposed to be hard journalism all the time. Also, all papers run some fluff and style coverage, major papers have entire sections of it.

Anonymous said...

just like this blog, which is enterily fluff. you're paying fifty grand to do this? what a joke of a degree.

is there even a professor with this class? or is it a first-year grad experimenting with 'new media'?