Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's 5:30..Damn the Health Center is Closed.

As discussed by MOLLY!

The Health Center is all around lame. Not only does it not take care of you if you have a cold, it also closes at 6pm but takes its last patient at 5:30. I have used the wonderful office building on K Street maybe three times. Once to get TB testing for my job, and twice because I was sick. The first sick time I waited for about 45 minutes, was looked at for about 5, and spent more time handing over money than actually getting treated....Interesting?? The second time I gave up because I was unable to make an appointment that fit my schedule.

It got me thinking. Is the Health Center, which is really inconveniently located and does not offer MUCH assistance at all just a way to get people to go the George Washington University Hospital, which is located nicely in the middle of campus, and whose doors are ALWAYS open.

Map of 2141 K St Nw Washington, DC 20052-0001, US

I heard a HORROR story from a friend saying she showed up at the Health Center to the point of collapsing at the door, and instead of talking her in, they called her an ambulance...That cost either her parents or the insurance company a grand!

On top of having the worst location ever, the health center does not offer things like birth control, Pap smears, or Aids testing. Once a semester an outside testing company comes and will perform the test at the Health Center but they do not participate in that kind of activity.

They do however offer Plan B for about $40 and the Gardasil shot...FINALLY for $150.

I have heard amazing things about other Health Centers at other university's where it is not a struggle for students to make sure they are healthy and protect themselves from getting STD's or preggers, yet our school, located in a prominent city cannot even test for AIDS!

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