Friday, February 22, 2008

Rob Lockwood may be the new Ron Paul. Or at least Andrew Jackson (except for that whole bigotry thing) [UPDATED with photographic evidence)

So apparently this blog can spur change, at least on a micro level. As the Hatchet didn't have any immediately objectionable content I was checking the blog and realized, oh yeah, there are things that still piss me off. Like K* (a little database humor?) Schrad's reminder that these people in the election are out of their minds

My plan (and it is interesting that bashing stuff is my go to) then switched to finding a candidate and eviscerating them. Oddly enough Shanna's post on Rob Lockwood sent me in the opposite direction. I agreed that the dude was KILLING IT on youtube but I didn't think this was necessarily a real campaign. However, he took the time to respond to Shanna's post and rep us on his unfortunately named "Roblog" and I figured the least we owed him was to check out what his deal is.

When visiting the about section Mr. Lockwood makes it very clear that a) he has red hair b) the ladies like him. Also, hes a serious candidate.

The junior from Massachusetts has what appears to be a relatively simple platform consisting of four major ideas.

- Continuing to push for change at J Street
- Adding more vehicle and dispatchers to 4 ride
- Abolishing unnecessary student fees (such as the $10 printing cost of a transcript)
- Kegs (seriously) allowed on campus

These are not necessarily the kind of scrappy CHANGE THE SYSTEM! promises that I have seen elsewhere. Part of me appreciates that. I'm not one of the six non SA members who knows how the system works and I don't really know how good Lockwood would be at doing any of these things. However, I know they're significantly more feasible than promises of lowering tuition to free and renovating Thurston. I appreciate the honesty.

Also I'm assuming that similar to Old Hickory he would throw a killer party at the SA Undergraduate at large electoral mansion.

So there's that.


Rob Lockwood said...

Blogging Genius.
Everyone should get an A if this is a graded part of the Internet and Politics Class

Much Love,

Rob Lockwood

James O said...

At what point do we give Rob Lockwood the official endorsement from GW-BS (our blog's unfortunate acronym) for SA Undergrad at Large?