Thursday, February 21, 2008

GW Valentine’s Day, One more thing…

Last Week, I asked what happens on V-day at GW. This week, the Hatchet’s sex columnist, Delilah, tried to give her take but missed the mark.

She seems very bitter about Valentine’s Day, using “crap” and “bullshit” as some of her descriptive terms. She prefaces her point by telling us how she has a lot of sex and how she isn’t embarrassed to say that she didn’t get any flowers on the holiday. Read her attempt at female empowerment:
“Valentine's Day seems to be an excuse to make single people feel like they have something to be ashamed of. I realized that a solo Valentine's Day does not make me a spinster.”
Okay, as a single girl, I’m feeling good about being alone on V-day. Then she says,
“In fact, I am glad to be spending it [Valentine’s Day] alone since it means that I have stood up for what I need and how I want to live my life.”
Ergh? Being single doesn’t mean you’re making a statement. You can’t be single and then say “Well I wanted to be anyway.” That’s like the fat kid who gets picked last for the dodgeball team and says “I didn’t wanna play anyway.” It’s called saving face. Delilah is arrogantly saying ‘I can get sex whenever I want and this year I decided that I don’t want it.’ Now, most of the girls that could relate to the title “Sex-less Valentine,” are saying “WTF?”. Let me put Delilah’s words in simpler terms: it’s cool if you choose to be single on Valentine’s Day. But she offers no solace for the girls who want to be in a relationship. And for a column read by girls at a University where a dateable man is hard to find yet still desired, she failed this week.

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