Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SA Elections Just Got Funnier

To be honest, I hardly ever pay attention to SA Elections because I hate walking down the street and seeing huge posters of people and then having people shoving gum into my hand.

However, I believe some people are stepping up their game when it comes to using Facebook, videos, and laughter.

Take the candidate Rob Lockwood. He is not paying money to make signs...NO he used a Sharpie and white paper to declare he was running. On top of that he started LOCKTUBE and his website looks shabby and awesome

This candidate is not going to lie his way through, promising the student body there will be change. Instead he is attempting to use his his videos, which are HILARIOUS, to see if he can win...and honestly if he does win, it is clear what the SA really is about.

He will cut you bananas...

And he will tuck you in...

ALSO a little humor on UPD

I do not even know Rob Lockwood all that well, and I am almost positive he might not do much for the student body, but the creativity alone makes me want to take those five minutes out of my all too full life and vote.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Rob Lockwood, and I approve that message.

P.S. I actually will work hard in the SA, as I have done for every organizaiton I have been a part of on this campus, most notably Phi Psi!