Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yet Another Glitch in One of GW's Systems!

It was my friends birthday last week and to celebrate we took her out to dinner and decorated her door with lots of signs and streamers. Being away from home for her birthday was a little sad for her, because she wasn't able to walk downstairs in her kitchen with her present waiting there for her on the table. But to make up for it, her mom sent her a beautiful purse which she had asked for months in advance. Her mom sent it with her correct address and a couple days later she got the package notification in the mail. I walked with her to the package place and watched her as she anxiously waited for her present. We get to our turn to find out that they had lost her package. Needless to say my friend was really upset, but her mother on the other hand was livid. This was a very expensive gift. Her mother called up GW several times only to hear the same answer "GWU is not responsible for misplaced packages", even though they had clearly lost the package or given away to the wrong person since my friend received an e-mail for it. My friends birthday was ruined and her parents were now several hundreds of dollars in the hole. The problem has still not been resolved. Just another way GWU shows its care after their students!

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Sarah said...

My one regret of living on campus this semester is my complete inability to get things in the mail. Packages, cards, magazines -- if it gets there at all, it won't be in a condition I want it to be in.

My friends at other schools tell me stories of draconian mail room dictators, but at least they know they'll GET their mail.