Friday, March 28, 2008

News Judgment at the Hatchet.... SUCKS

So after all our posts about a lack of substantive journalism, The Hatchet has decided to change it's lazy reporting habits and dig deeper to find out what's really happening on campus. Right? Think again. In yet another bland issue, this week's Hatchet reports that the former site of DJ's Fastbreak is under construction:

"... construction is moving ahead despite the absence of definite plans for the student space, which will be on the first floor of the building..."
Whoopdy-freakin-do. A building on campus is under construction.

How can you write an entire story about space that's under construction and not delve into what's going to be built there?!?! Rather than ask the important questions and pressure administrative officials to take action to procure student input on an important use of our tuition dollars, The Hatchet has decided that the mere fact the building is under construction is “newsworthy.”

News judgment at The Hatchet sucks. To let them know you won't read until they start doing serious journalism with meaningful news angles, email Editor-in-chief Jake Sherman at


Anonymous said...

If they are so bad why is it that you link to them for the news story of every thing you comment on? Why do you not go out and start reporting stories instead of linking?

How do you propose they torture the information out of administrators who will not give it to them when asked, I have heard water boarding works well.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read the Times or the Post? Is every story an in depth investigation? No, sometimes (actually often) there are simple stories that give some basic information about something that is happening in the city or country.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a page 7 story didn't bring any breathtaking revelations. One news story that isn't earth-shattering is clearly a sign of bad journalism.

BasilQHJ said...

Is this one person going on a rant three different times?? Sounds a bit like it?

Anonymous said...

Ahaa. Whatever----not every story is going to be scintillating considering the Hatchet is a college newspaper. Plus, DJ's Fastbreak is pretty central to the campus (and right across the street from the Hatchet Office!)

Anonymous said...

The Hatchet is spoonfed news. Lazy journalism. Couldn't agree more. Not asking for earth shattering news, but plucking quotes from PR spin masters isn't good journalism no matter how you slice it.

GW BlogSpot is media commentary. Not the University's outlet of record.

The Hatchet could and should do better.