Thursday, April 3, 2008

And the Award for the DUMBEST Move Goes To...

I also read the article on the girl that was charged for not having a GWorld, and I did see David's Post, but I disagree with him completely. Not on the fact that UPD was over reacting, but because this girl is NOT smart!!!

According to the Hatchet
When the officer threatened to arrest her, Sales said she called 911.
She called the police ON HERSELF...

Instead of maybe having UPD yell at her for entering the building and having GW handle it, she calls MPD, WHO are the people that really enforce the law that no student, faculty, or staff can enter without a GWorld. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?

Also, I'm sorry Ms. Sales, but did you REALLY need to go on the elliptical to the point of arguing with the staff, sneaking into Juice Zone, and then now having a court date?? There is an easier waiting the next day, getting a new GWorld, and then entering the gym. Or there is the option of running outside.

Oh and on top of that, how about calling UPD, who you just pissed off, to come pick you up after you call MPD because you apparently don't take them seriously.

Edited: Apparently she could not have taken 4-Ride because she was super far away from campus...thank you David!


David said...

No question the girl dug herself deeper and deeper into the hole, but at some point UPD should have verified she was a student and not pressed charges. I'm not trying to defend her, but rather question UPD's judgment in asking MPD to arrest her.

David said...

Also, you need a GWorld to take 4RIDE, she would have just gotten herself into more trouble.

PS the MPD station is in upper NW at 3320 Idaho Ave NW, way out of 4ride's reach.

BasilQHJ said...

Touche...I'll take the number out.

I just think if she acted like an adult and said okay I will leave and NOT called the police then UPD would not have reacted in the way they had. There is only so much a cop or any individual is going to take from a person before they make them learn a lesson, and in this case I REALLY do not think she learned anything. Nothing in that article shows me any remorse of her actions.