Thursday, April 3, 2008

A GW send-off to be remembered

Last Friday afternoon, students at the George Washington University gathered outside of the Smith Center to cheer on the GW women’s basketball team for making it to the esteemed “Sweet Sixteen” in the NCAA tournament. The band, the cheerleaders, and even the mascot little George where there as the women set off for Rutgers in stylish coach buses.

In addition to GW students, dozens of prospective students witnessed the event. Over 100 high school juniors visited the University on Friday as part of a new program called Colonial Insight, where prospective students can shadow the life of a GW student for a day.
“It was great to see everyone getting together and going all out to support the team. The sendoff really affected my opinion of GW since I actually got to see students showing their school spirit rather than just hearing about it from a brochure or an admissions officer,” said 17-year-old prospective student Camille Lawhead.

Though two days after the sendoff, the GW ladies’ team lost to the much talked about Rutgers team, the perceived support for the team by prospective students made an important impression.
“The sendoff showed how much support the students at GW give to each other. The fact that I experienced this support was one of the many things that really helped me make my decision to definitely apply to GW,” 16-year-old prospective student Kim Zafra said.

Prospective Students love school spirit. And in April, the university will be exploding with it as prospective students and parents visit campus. Students will probably reading the Admissions Blogs like crazy and visiting The GW Hatchet site to get pumped about coming to GW. It'd be great if they read GW BlogSpot too.

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