Monday, April 7, 2008

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - GW Student Arrested at HellWell: "The Hatchet twisted my words and conveniently omitted information"

On Thursday, The Hatchet featured a story about Jennifer Sales, a GW student who was arrested after entering HellWell without her GWorld, then calling MPD when UPD tried to detain her.

While several other GWBlogSpot bloggers wrote about aspects of this story, including a critique of the article's placement in The Hatchet, a critique of the article itself and two examinations of the story as a whole, I e-mailed Ms. Sales to get her side of the story, and find out exactly went on. Was she happy with how her side of the story was told? Did The Hatchet do a good job of exposing the facts?

According to the following response e-mail from Ms. Sales, the answers are "No" and "No":

Hey Andrew-

In fear of retribution, I cannot say much. The Hatchet twisted my words and conveniently omitted information. "Student-run paper" i don't think so. I called MPD for a valid reason- i'm not a rebel without a cause.

I asked Ms. Sales to elaborate on her criticisms of The Hatchet, and why exactly she called MPD. I got the following e-mail in response:

retribution from SJS- I just got a judicial letter saying I may be expelled.

Although she doesn't mention specifically what the omitted information was, it's pretty clear that Ms. Sales is unhappy with The Hatchet's coverage. Given Hatchet editor in chief Jake Sherman essentially saying that he thinks The Hatchet did all they could to provide the facts, despite the fact that Sarah and I got additional information, and given the strong student interest that this story seems to be generating:



Anonymous said...

Why don't you go to MPD and get the reports, go find an inside source at UPD and get their reports, and FOIA 911 for the tape of her call and find out what happened.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be too worried about this young woman not being happy with The Hatchet's article. It's not unusual for sources - especially those with an axe to grind - to be unhappy about articles that mention them.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of this blog? You barely uncovered any "additional" information. It doesn't take a genius to realize that she'd be unhappy with the way she was portrayed in the Hatchet

Rebecca said...

I was an eye-witness to what happened that day when jen got arrested. I was on the 4th floor of the gym as the cop was asking her to get off the elltiptical... and she completely dismissed him and was extremely rude. So, if you want the real story... you can ask me.