Friday, April 11, 2008


no duh.

Those who know me know two things: 1- I appreciate fine denim 2- I think cranes are awesome (no duh).

I appreciate cranes to a nearly comical degree (though there is nothing funny about cranes, they are just awesome (no duh)) my room is even adorned with a children's crane toy-cum-lamp. Upon learning of my steadfast devotion to cranes a friend of mine told me that kids actually climb the crane at 22 and F. Now, I am not one for GW things. I have never been to GWScene, I have never been to da club, I don't think Natty Ice tastes good, I have never been groped at Phi Sig, I cannot locate the basketball gym on a map... I literally have such a strong distaste that I do not even go into J Street to buy Diet Coca-Cola. But this? This crane climbing thing? This is almost as awesome as the cranes themselves.

On my way home tonight I went way out of my way to walk by this crane, hoping to find some dude brah freshman attempting to scale that marvel of human ingenuity and dominance over inorganic materials (ostensibly to impress some girl from a mixer but really only because cranes are awesome (no duh)). I was unsuccessful. However, I was so overwhelmed by the magnitude of cranes and how awesome they are (no duh) that I took some pictures and assembled the following notes for the whipper snapper (etymology note: whipper snapper is a derogatory term from the 1600's for lazy young men who would stand on street corners and snap whips to pass the time) with dreams of scaling that stunning monument to human power.

1- While there is barbed wire on the fence adjacent to the building at Square 80 the street side does not have any sort of protection.
2- There is a human sized hole at the bottom of the fence on the street side.
3- The back of the school without walls exists.
4- Cranes are awesome (no duh).

These are purely notes from a scene and I am in no way advocating climbing cranes (which happen to be awesome (no duh)) to witness the triumph of humans over the concept of vertical. However, should you be a crane climber with dreams of blogspot fame feel free to hit with an email or a post in the comments. Should you be planning on making a pilgrimage to that lot that empties out a 4 pm everyday I may just come. With a camera. And a note pad. And undying respect.

More pictures from my crane excursion


Anonymous said...

Not one for GW stuff? Not sure how you were one for admission. I'd take a JAP in an intellectual discussion over you (no duh).

Alex said...

I don't necessarily disagree with you on that one, but I think it's shifting the conversation from where it should be headed. That being: cranes. Are they awesome?

ian said...

sweet lamp

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an intellectual discussion about cranes. Any discussion pertaining to these engineering marvels stems from raw energy and emotion. There is no room for 'intellect' when talking cranes! Save that garbage for dormitory common-room discussions about Kant.

Anonymous said...

Someone recently asked me what triad of items I would bring with me if stranded on a deserted island.

Needless to say, I selected 3 cranes of varying shapes and sizes.

Kirk said...

Hey now, blogspot, xclusive?
We already did this.

Come on, fellas! Crane Appreciation Day was ages ago.

I've already documented folks climbing the crane, but I'm saving the pictures for next Crane Appreciation Day (March 11, 2009!)

I do like your little crane in the dorm, though.

Alex said...

colonialist dudes: wow. I way blew it on that one. Despite my embarrassment in not having The Scoop on this one it is heartening to hear that other people out there love cranes as much as myself. Consider this a subsidiary to your official day and the ongoing discourse on cranes and why they are indeed awesome.

Chinooks? Equally awesome (no duh) and the only way to transport a crane.

David said...

Awesome post, even if you were scooped.... Anyone know what the two blue boxes that hang from it each night are? My guess its tools they don't want to get stolen from the construction site... any ideas???

GWBlogSpotAdmin said...

The true test of blogging might is not who scoops who, but who out-comments who. Colonialist has 18 comments in 1 month. This post has 10 comments in 2 days. I bet we can even get this thread up to 19 posts...who's in?

PS - Colonialist has a distinct lack of "no duh"s in their post. Kind of poor form, don't you think?