Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I dare the Colonialist -- put questions to the Hatchet

The Colonialist, a welcome and healthy part of the GW blog infrastructure, has been paying good attention to GWblogspot recently. They rightly pointed out James's catch:
GWBlogspot noticed something quite interesting about the most recent GWeekly email. Read their amazing catch, “John Ritter To Be Raised From The Dead, Perform At Fountain Day.”
And, of course, they gave themselves a pat on the back for leading (so far) in our poll on the left side of this blog. (Ahem, people, c'mon now...)

But aside from admiring themselves and chuckling at rather amusing event promo mess-ups, will they put their bully pulpit to work for the cause of transparency and accountability in the media, by helping us develop really good questions for our YouTube interview with Hatchet editor Jake Sherman? Colonialist readers, we welcome your questions. Just click here and put your questions in the comment section.

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