Friday, April 18, 2008

In praise of The Hatchet?! Yes.

Note: The opinions expressed in this post are those of the writer, and are not necessarily those of GWBlogSpot.

In the three months since I've been posting at GWBlogSpot, I've seen a lot of great posts that are both insightful and interesting - for example, Max's posts on the GW Housing Department, James's in-depth coverage behind the scenes of Karl Rove's visit to campus, and even a post on EBK's reaction to winning The Hatchet's April Fool's edition bracket.

I've also seen a number of posts critiquing The Hatchet's coverage (one of which is linked above), which is all fine and good, as are the anonymous comments in support of The Hatchet (perhaps staffers for the paper?).

But based on these comments, and comments from other blogs and people I've talked to, it seems that GWBlogSpot has picked up a reputation for being a Hatchet-bashing blog, which, in my opinion, couldn't be farther from the truth.

Yes, we frequently talk about The Hatchet, and yes, we frequently point out its perceived flaws, but no, we do not (or at least I do not) pick fights with The Hatchet for the sake of picking fights. And to prove that we/I don't solely hate The Hatchet, I'm going to the other side.

That's right: I'm going to write a post in praise of The Hatchet's coverage.

Specifically, the other day I came across The Hatchet's News Blog's live blogging posting on the Papal Mass at Nationals Stadium from last week. Although I question the necessity of doing the post as a live blog, given the fact that coverage started at 6 a.m., it is still very interesting to read about what went on "behind the scenes" before the mass. Reporter Andrew Ramonas's ability to connect the mass back to GW by talking about Brand Kroeger and Sergio Gor was also a great aspect of the post. I also appreciated the decision not to live blog during the Papal Mass, which (although its kind of a given that one wouldn't blog throughout a church service, let alone a Papal Mass), I still thought was respectful.

So thanks to The Hatchet for their insightful coverage. And for the regular GWBlogSpot readers, don't worry, I'll be back to critiquing The Hatchet next week. ;-)

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