Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hatchet Doesn't Cover Enough

I decided GW Girl's Rugby needed a little time for their accomplishments, and many of the teams members feel the Hatchet does not cover sports that are not Division 1, even when the team does really well.

Junior Sara Zaremba stated
"It's a shame that after more than ten years at GW we still don't get any recognition for performing well in major tournaments."
She believes more coverage would help with recruiting because it is hard to find people that want to play in general. Basic coverage of their achievements would be great to get more people involved.

On April fifth and sixth the Girls Rugby team traveled to Rose Croft Raceway in Maryland, where such teams as the Navy, Binghamton University, and University of Maryland, joined together for the National Cherry Blossom tournament.

The GW team came in second, and defeated University of Maryland, a Division 1 team in the sport. They only lost to the Navy, another Division 1 school in the last 90 seconds of the game.

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