Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gelman Library's Amazing Oppurtunities

I have worked in Development in the Gelman Library for about two years now and it is amazing how much the library has been given in really good gifts, yet students do not really know that because it looks like a dump. Which will change hopefully soon because a huge plan for a new first floor has been set out, now we only need millions of dollars.

I understand that yes the library is kind of dumpy looking and a lot of the time the rooms are WAY too hot, but did anyone know we were given the PNC Riggs Collection of scholarly letters and bank notes and it's worth a crap load of money...probably not.

Did a lot of journalism students know we were given the Jack Anderson papers, WHICH the FBI wanted and are still fighting Gelman for...please tell me you know who Jack ANDERSON is!!!

On top of that there are a lot of opportunities for students to get free food and coffee when there are finals and midterms, AND the library gives a crap load of giveaways for doing surveys.

Gelman Library or papers on campus REALLY need to pick up their game on getting this news out for students. Not only that, but do people know that the Brady Art Gallery in the SMPA building has different events a lot??


Anonymous said...

i found five articles on the jack anderson papers by doing a simple search of

including one that refutes your claim that the fbi is still pursuing them:

if you have new info. to open this story up, you should write about it!

BasilQHJ said...

I was not bashing the Hatchet...stop being SO DEFENSIVE all the time. And how about registering your name instead of standing behind anonymous??

Shannon said...

Yikes. I was not being defensive for the Hatchet----I was just trying to correct something that I knew was wrong because I happen to keep up with Gelman news pretty carefully. I mean, if you don't want any discussion you could always disable comments.

Also, this was my first post here so I don't know what you mean by "all the time."

GWBlogSpotAdmin said...

Shannon - thanks for checking out GWBlogSpot. Hatchet folks like to leave anonymous comments taking on posts that hold them accountable (as if really arcane facts about the Hatchet and Hatchet policies are coming from those other than Hatchet staff). Thanks for putting your name, and feel free to sign up for a Blogspot account to make it easier to comment with your name in the future.

Anonymous said...

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