Friday, April 25, 2008

Finding a summer job at GW? Good luck.

So walk anywhere on this campus and you’ll see
some yellow or green flyer that says “Summer Jobs” and it catches your eye every time because right after “final exams before exam week” you are thinking about summer plans. As a junior, going home for the summer isn’t on my radar and I want to stay in DC.

I responded to one of the signs in mid-Spring in an attempt to get an early start on the job search. They wanted me to knock door to door to try to save the environment. Sorry ask someone at Georgetown or one of those community colleges. I do not pay $50, 000 plus to walk around in the summer heat and bug people. I’ve put in my time – I want an almost real job!

So I tried Gwork. I will say that Gwork has a lot of great listings. Here is the problem with most of the good ones, like this listing for National Geographic.

There is no contact information! Several of them don’t have contact information and ask to apply only through email. Great! The culprit? The career center. It just so happens that they are conducting their own survey about their website.

You can also email them with comments at Let them know how you feel about this and don’t forget to mention the lack of contact info!


Austin said...

a good site to find summer jobs and part-time jobs for the school year is - started by young people recently to help make this process easier.

Anonymous said...

GWork has been pretty much useless. I have yet to hear back from ANY of the jobs i applied to using their website (ie I uploaded my resume, cover letter, etc to them).

James said...

I've actually had awesome luck with GWork 13 out of 15 responded back, and it took a total of 30 hours between me submitting my application via GWork and getting hired to an amazing job I've had since last April.

Also, it's WAY late in the game to start looking. Most places start interviews in March.

Maybe it's you, not the system.