Friday, April 11, 2008

GChat coming soon to GDubs

While I agree with David's thoughts, the coming switch to Gmail is great, let us take a moment to reflect on one of the best parts about Cmail. There are six different color schemes that one can choose from.

In Gmail, there are none. One must live with that simple white and blue. Just pointing out that fact.

That being said, hooray for Gmail. My favorite part? Non-productivity may reach an all time high when thousands of GW students acquire “GChat” and find themselves addicted like me.

GChat is one of my favorite inventions in the internet era. It’s like a travelling AIM system. No more “BSBgurl87” or “soccer_babe354” screenames. Oh no. With Gchat, people can be themselves and sign on in Gelman, at work, and most importantly, in class. The new excuse – “I was just checking my email, Professor.”

Those that have it, you know. Those that don’t, well get on that now! Tell others the beauty of gchat and if I can pass it on to just one person, my job is done. Post in the comments and be that one person.

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James said...

LMAO at Jake's GChat message.