Friday, April 18, 2008

Ok, Czech Readers...Identify Yourselves.

Andrew's post mentioning that his friend from Prague writes on his Facebook wall with suggestions about what he should write about on GWblogspot got me thinking. 3 thoughts, in particular.

1)It's great that just a few months after our (amazingly awesome) official ribbon cutting, there's actually an expectation by the greater GW community that this blog will be discussing certain issues. I've heard from numerous campus leaders that they read the blog, but for some reason a random GW friend in Prague really hit the point home for me. Then again, I suppose it's only logical.

2) Andrew's friend should totally join GWblogspot's new Facebook group.

3) I wonder how many other people abroad read our blog. A simple look at Google analytics ((c) David) revealed 51 countries! And ironically, after thousands and thousands of views in the United States, guess which country was number 2. The Czech Republic, home of Prague. More below.

Geographic layout of GWblogspot readership

Our esteemed Czech readers

So, we apparently have had 48 visits from Prague and 1 from a place called Hradex Kralove -- which is just inherently cool. Either some traveling soul was off on an excursion from Prague and just NEEDED to check GWblogspot while in Hradex Kralove...Or, we had some really confused visitor. (One who is not Xavier.)

But I can't just end this post with geographic analysis and some mild expressions of joy. No. I need to call someone out.

And who better to call out than the Czechs! So Czech readers, I'm calling on you to identify yourselves!

If it's just Andrew's friend checking 49 times, seriously win some award. (Do you like Google card holders? They're a HUGE hit in class.)

But if there are other Czech readers out there (heck, I'll even extend it to others in non-Czech countries) it would be great to hear how you started reading GWblogspot, and what you think of it.

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Jackson said...

its because of study abroad...